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The graph in this study from Denmark shows negative Omicron efficacy after 3 months.


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How do you derive from the cited CDC page that they're admitting to 6x underreporting factor?


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Dr Rowen, I have a question. What kind of ozone treatment did you use to treat that lady? I’m not vaccinated and I live far away from you in New Jersey. So if I get covid, I can’t get to you. I have a very nice doctor here who does one pass. Is that good enough?

And also how do you stay safe from getting covid when you are treating patients face to face?

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Vaccination appears to be associated with increased covid cases in the first 2 weeks following vaccination. Nobody's checking for that.



“Other lethal events with rates of 1 per 2 million vaccine recipients can be excluded with 95% certainty only after not occurring in 7,700,000 vaccinated children. Under-reporting during pharmacovigilance may decrease further the ability to detect exceptionally rare fatal events.”


[statistically impossible to prove vaccine benefits outweigh risks in children]

Even Cochrane was censored by Instagram for misinformation. Wow.



Number needed to exclude from events for unvaccinated people is so large to prevent a case, it makes no sense to mandate anything. Harms to society greatly outweigh any supposed mandate benefits. And this guy reported only on infection. NNE would be even greater for hospitalization or death.


measles may make a comeback in part due to lockdowns. Some study elsewhere claimed 5 million more TB deaths will occur.

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