Wonderful News. My Chapter on Oxidation Medicine for Conventional Textbook now Online

#78 The Rowen Report

Dear Subscriber,

I get many requests for information on ozone therapy. The world is in need of ozone and its cousins, as new reports are coming out of a geometrically explosion in bacterial resistance to conventional medicine’s drugs. Remember, it was the antibiotic era that ushered in the paradigm of the “silver bullet” drug therapy we have in medicine today. And you can see that everywhere you turn where there is a call for medical action, it is the Pharma giants that are called upon for help.

But what if it isn’t in their interest to help, but if help is not rendered, people will suffer and die? That is the plight we are all in today. Antibiotics are failing. The same fools who brought us this corrupt system are the very ones government and sheeple turn to for answers. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me, my daddy used to say. Einstein chimed in as well saying lunacy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Pharma has created a system that is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA – chemical drugs. It has ushered in the nightmare of narcotic addiction, and made it so onerous, that even if a patient of mine needs narcotics, I am likely to avoid exposing myself to big trouble and refer him out for the drugs. (But I practice healing, not drugging. Most of my patients heal their pain with non-pharmacological methods).

The good news that I have for you today is this. Months ago, a major publishing house approached me to write a chapter on alternative approaches for infectious diseases in a CONVENTIONAL medical encyclopedia. What an opportunity, I thought, to perhaps open eyes to conventional medical readers that there might be non-Pharma ways to save lives in an increasingly hostile bacterial world. I did write the chapter, it was peer reviewed, went through some revisions, and was accepted to Elsevier’s Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity, which will come out in full in the spring. However, my chapter has just been published stand alone, and is available here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780128187319001828

I am very honored and proud to be a part of this work, which is a first for us in the oxidative medical field – to have a chapter about oxidation medicine in a major conventional medical book. I believe most people, lay and conventional medical alike, will enrich their knowledge with this peer reviewed manuscript.

For those who want to learn about ozone and other oxidation and anti-infection therapies, please visit the article/chapter. I think reading it will also help you understand why there cannot be a resolution to the medical nightmare we face. Pharma has no financial interest in therapies that will induce healing, or in therapies that cannot be patented for profit. The government is in the hands of Pharma. Even the NIH branch devoted to alternative medicine is largely a joke. FDA has stonewalled a Florida hospital’s attempt to put ozone on the map. We have been taken over by forces that praise profits over people’s lives. There is a small but vocal group of physicians, who risk their gonads to serve their patients. They all need your support and protection.

I thank you for your support in being here and also for those who subscribe to the premium Rowen Report. Please share this good news and the very positive information in the chapter.

To Your Excellent Health!

Robert Jay Rowen, MD